Environmental Commitment

We started Gorp Goods out of our love for functional fashion and the environment, hoping that you will be encouraged to wear your new purchase as you get out and explore nature. Although no business is perfect (including us), we believe that every small business has an environmental responsibility and should operate consciously to minimize their environmental impact as much as possible. 

We are proud to be a Small Business Partner of the National Forest Foundation, contributing to the 50 Million For Our Forests Campaign. This campaign is the largest in support of reforesting our publicly-owned National Forests which offer more than 150,000 miles of multiple-use trail. As part of our "Buy One, Plant One" Initiative, we donate one tree for every item purchased, helping to fight climate change and reduce the carbon footprint of our own operations. 



In addition to reducing our carbon footprint via tree planting, all of our shipments are carbon-neutral. Through Shopify, we are able to calculate our shipping emissions and ensure high-quality carbon removal by funding other small businesses who are actively working on climate solutions.


We also aim to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible with our packaging while still insuring that your package is protected during transit. Purchases are shipped out in post-consumer recycled & biodegradable paper mailers; once you've opened your package, you can toss the whole thing in your recycling bin! The mailer, tape, and label are all curbside recyclable. Items come protected in compostable poly-bags made from corn starch, which we encourage you to reuse if you are unable to compost.

Occasionally, orders may arrive in 100% recycled poly mailers. These typical plastic mailers can be reused or recycled at participating locations that accept thin film (for help finding a drop-off location, please click here.)


Lastly, our business model of "recommerce" helps reduce the environmental cost of manufacturing each garment; buying preowned gear and giving clothing a second life is a great way to own unique pieces while also saving them from the landfill. Many of the brands that we source also have their own respective repair programs, and we encourage you to consider repairing a damaged piece instead of discarding it.